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Daisy's Eye Cancer Fund educates about retinoblastoma, empowers medical communities to provide effective care and enables families to access that care so their children have the very best opportunities to overcome eye cancer and enjoy a happy, healthy life. DECF is a registered charity in England, a special fund at SickKids Foundation in Canada, a registered NGO in Kenya and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the United States.

White Pupil in Flash Photos: know the facts and how and when to act!

Awareness is increasing of retinoblastoma’s early sign – a white pupil seen in flash photos and dim light.  This is great news as awareness is the key to early diagnosis of this aggressive eye cancer affecting babies and young children.  … Continue reading

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Walking Through The Fire

In June last year, I participated in a firewalk workshop to raise money for Daisy Fund.  I wrote an article for a local magazine and for the blog of the event leader, Tony Simons.  A few people have asked me … Continue reading

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In Her Memory…

11 years ago, a new baby girl was born in Botswana. Four short years later, retinoblastoma claimed her life. Her name means love, and today, her legacy continues to build hope for other children around the world. Continue reading

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How Do We Achieve Early Diagnosis?

Retinoblastoma specialists agree that early diagnosis of eye cancer is a child’s best hope of healthy vision. In many parts of the world, early diagnosis is a child’s only hope of cure. Yet in developed countries, 80% of children lose at least one eye, and in developing countries, 80% of children die. Here we consider the potential and limitations of the six main solutions proposed. Continue reading

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Emerging Priorities in Preventing Life-Long Negative Treatment Effects

“Cure” does not just mean destroying cancer, but also healing the whole child so they can embrace life with confidence.  The last 3 decades has seen chemotherapy replace radiotherapy as primary eye saving treatment, saving more eyes without the effects … Continue reading

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Beyond Retinoblastoma

“Retinoblastoma” was part of my vocabulary growing up.  My father lost both eyes to the cancer before his second birthday, my mother was a co-founding board member of FISHS and the Retinoblastoma Society (now the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust), and … Continue reading

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Are You Child Cancer Aware?

The earlier cancer is diagnosed, the easier it is to treat, often requiring less intense therapy and fewer invasive procedures that have lower cost physically, emotionally and financially. Awareness of childhood cancer is key to achieving early diagnosis, saving lives and limiting the burden of cancer treatment on the child, family and wider society. Continue reading

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Driving With Monocular Vision

In many countries. Driving with vision in only one eye is legal. However, there are some Important things to bare in mind when driving with monocular vision. Continue reading

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Loving Without Fear

As a survivor of bilateral retinoblastoma, I am challenged to be supportive of dear friends facing their own second cancer journey, without being swamped by fear for my own future. I imagine this is a similar balancing act for parents whose children are in treatment now, as social media increasingly brings us into contact with families struggling to access appropriate care for their child. Continue reading

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I Am a Child, Not a Case!

Children with retinoblastoma are much more than a medical specimen. To achieve complete cure, we must consider them as a whole person, not just an eye or a body to be treated. A single word can completely change our focus. Continue reading

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